The following is some writing guides for BetterWaysWiki articles.

Title and Content

BetterWaysWiki is a unique place that focuses on sharing significant better-way ideas for people to do things. The goal is so that people can easily discover as many useful better-way ideas as many as possible and make quick, well-informed decisions to whether the better-way ideas are really useful and applicable for them or not.

In order to achieve this, your articles would need to give people answers to the following questions:
1. Why is it better compared to other ideas used to solve similar problems? ('Compared to' section)
2. Who, when and where is it suitable and/or not suitable for? ('Suitable for' and/or 'Not suitable for' section)
These might include the initial skills, conditions and/or capital required; when is the expected 'Return of Investment'; and also, in what cases it will actually become counterproductive to follow.
3. What is the core ideas? ('The Idea' section)
4. How is it implemented? ('Implementations' section)
5. Related external publications and/or website links (optional). ('Further Reading' section)

Also, when writing your articles please remember to focus only towards explaining the better-way ideas and not towards doing product review. Use pictures and references only as tools to help the readers understand the beter-way ideas instead of to promote any particular techniques, products or services.

As for article titles, please use the format 'Better Way to [problem to be solved by the idea] [ - the idea's most compelling fact (optional)]'.


To come up with high quality articles, please follow the Content guide above. On top of that, adding high quality graphics or photos and also the use of proper language will all help your articles to have better reach and better impact for the readers.

Terms of Use

You can find our terms of use here. Please do note if you include anything in your article that violate our terms of use, we may decide to take your articles down.

On top of that, please don't write any articles with obscenity, unsafe subjects without proper warning or negatively intended content. Although it might not break any law, but for the benefits of all the readers, we might also decide to take it down.